An increase in the economy is observed in Kazakhstan

An increase in the economy is observed in Kazakhstan

An increase in the economy is observed in Kazakhstan. Only in the first 9 months the growth totaled 0.4%. According to the Minister of national economy Kuandyk Bishimbayev, GDP growth was mainly contributed by an increase in production, construction, agriculture, transport sector and manufacturing industries. The amount of investments between January and October grew by 4.1%. Most of the investments were attracted for implementation of industrial and infrastructure projects.



Since June, there is a consistent economic growth, growth totaled 0.1% in the first six months, 0.2% in July, 0.3% in August, and in September, we saw 0.4% growth. Every month added 0.1%.  In general, of course, the situation has improved concerning the main export commodities.

World Bank has upgraded Kazakhstan’s positions Doing Business ratings. Kazakhstan has climbed to the 35th place - an improvement by 6 points. Thus, in the international ranking, which reflects the ease of doing business, Kazakhstan has outperformed EAEU countries and some of the OECD states, such as Belgium, Italy, and Israel. Rating is made by the experts of the World Bank Group on the basis of survey of businessmen, experts and officials. Ease and terms of setting up a business, access to infrastructure, lending conditions - these and other criteria determine the country's place in the list. In separate paragraphs, Kazakhstan has entered the top 10. For the fourth time in the past 12 years Kazakhstan has improved its rating. According to the economists, all this will help to attract new investments into the country.



The World Bank, the UN and the Davos Forum provide country rankings because not all investors have the opportunity to see firsthand the country’s business conditions. They, especially the European, American, Japanese and Indian investors, make decisions whether to bring investments, whether to start a business in Kazakhstan based on these indicators provided by the World Bank, the UNDP and the Davos Forum.


Kazakhstan has risen by 19 points in the rating on the quality of infrastructure. Kazakhstan has achieved such a result over the past 5 years. Rating evaluates the transport infrastructure according to 4 indicators - air transport, roads, rail and seaport infrastructures. This index is formed every two years, and during that time Kazakhstan has improved its position by 11 points.


Also in the international Logistics Performance Index LPI, Kazakhstan ranks 77 among 160 countries, the highest position among the CIS countries. Meanwhile, by 2020, Kazakhstan plans to enter the top 40 with the best logistics climate. To this end, Kazakhstan intends to develop the necessary infrastructure and simplify customs procedures and implement transportation information technologies. Also, to enhance the country's competitiveness in the global logistics market, a new transport product will be developed. It will combine air and railway transportation. The new project "Rail - Air" will become a lower-speed alternative to the existing "Sea - Air" route linking the Southeast Asia and Europe via Dubai . The first cargo flights will be launched to China, Europe, Iran, Russia and Turkey as early as in 2017.