Development of smart technologies gains momentum

Development of smart technologies gains momentum

A young programmer from Aktau is convinced that future belongs to smart technologies. In his hometown, Bakhytzhan Muhammed leads a club of robotics. For instance, this is the future four-wheeled assistant of nurses. He has to bring medication and water to patients in time.


16-year-old Malik Aliyeva invented automatic watering system for flowers. The device saves up to 40% of water and is convenient in the holiday season.



My goal is to improve the condition of flowers at the school, save water and people’s time. I think I managed to do it. The humidity sensor determines the dryness of soil. If the soil needs irrigation, the water flows into the pot automatically.


The leader of the club always focuses on a simple rule - the invention should benefit the society. In just three years, its students were able to prove their skills. They won the first place in the national robotics competition in Aktobe. In the laboratory, the students realize their most challenging ideas, using improvised means. 50 young inventors have gathered a collection of 20 projects. All of them are made with care for people. For instance, the glove will help deaf-mute people talk, displaying a text on a computer screen.



Robotics improves engineering and computing skills, learn to work in teams, analyze the situation and develop abstract thinking. I was wondering why so many interesting innovative projects are produced abroad. I decided to change the situation. Jointly with the students, we create unique things. Recently, Kazakh Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev visited the region and recommended us to take part in one of the contests as part of the EXPO 2017.


Currently, the team with its leader is developing solar-powered robot. It will be used in the extraction of oil and gas. The members of the club are planning to present this development and other original projects at the EXPO 2017.