Kazakhstan sums up 25 years as a sovereign state

Kazakhstan sums up 25 years as a sovereign state

Kazakhstan sums up 25 years as a sovereign state. During this time, the country’s regions have achieved great results. Northern Kazakhstan attracted 810 billion tenge of investments into the economy. In 25 years, the gross regional product has grown by 13 times. Investments were generated in fixed assets by 34 times more. 54 projects have been commissioned over six years of the industrial-innovative development program implementation, more than two thousand new jobs have been created. By the end of the year, four more new productions are planned to be launched. In addition, Northern Kazakhstan has always developed its engineering cluster. In 2015, the assembly of Kazakh-Finnish harvesters under the brand ‘Sampo Asia’ was launched. This year, the region launched the tractor assembly factory, with the capacity of up to 100 vehicles per year.



In 25 years, 810 billion tenge of investments were attracted into our region. And we have developed the ‘Road Map of Processing’ and 62 projects worth 190 billion tenge. And the largest of these projects is a Chinese project for processing of oilseeds. And this year we will launch the first plant.


In 25 years, the gross regional product in Zhambyl region increased by 94 times - up to one trillion tenge. The development of agro-industrial complex provided much of this success. The geographical location, fertile soil and pastures have made Zhambyl region a powerful agricultural region. As a result of the state support, the use of advanced technologies as well as diversification of industry in the region has increased production of oilseeds, vegetables and melons. In addition, the region leads in introduction of renewable energy sources. Today there are 9 such facilities. The largest solar plant in Central Asia was built in Zhualy district. The specialists of Korday are using wind energy.


Aktobe region remains one of the most attractive for investors. Since 1991, its industrial volume grew from 8.5 million tenge up to one trillion. In addition, the region is rich in mineral resources. One tenth of the country's oil reserves, 30% of hard coal and rich deposits of chromium are located here. 4th shop of Aktobe ferroalloy plant was launched last year. Rail and structural steel mill has also been commissioned.  It produces 120-meter long beams. Production volumes will fully meet the needs of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries in the rail products.



We use technology of flowing water-air mixture. It is a very flexible system. This tempering system is used only in the factory in China, which is very well-proven there. Now we are using this technology, and it allows to meet the highest standards of quality control.


The regional map of industrialization includes more than 90 investment projects. Only in 2015, the region's economy attracted nearly 350 billion tenge of investments. It is by 16 times more than in 1999. Zhanazhol gas processing plant, a gas utilization complex, the road "Western Europe - Western China", the railway ‘Zhezkazgan – Beineu’ had been built. Aktobe industrial zone is implementing 5 major projects worth over 10 billion tenge.