Turkish culture days held in Astana

Turkish culture days held in Astana

Kazakh national songs were performed by the Turkish singers and musicians. Astana hosted a concert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence as part of Turkey’s Culture Days. Well-known artists Chidem Gyurdal, Gyurdal Chem, Mustafa Eke and ensemble of the Turkic world congratulated Kazakhstan on this occasion. Kazakhstani artists Dimash Kudaibergenov, Khanzada band, kobyz player Akerke Tazhibaeva performed at the concert. Many guests from Turkey had performed in Kazakhstan before. Spouses Chem and Chidem Gyurdal have long been performing Turkic songs. Artists say the Kazakh song take a special place in the repertoire.



I fell in love with Kazakh songs immediately. Then I realized that they need to be performed at the accompaniment of dombra. Thus, 20 years ago, I have tried playing the remarkable Kazakh national instrument. Performing your songs, I even learned a bit of the Kazakh language.



I like the song "Dudarai". Our Kazakh friend plays kobyz at the ensemble of the Turkic world. He helps us to improve pronunciation and intonation. The Kazakh and Turkish songs have different tone, so I cannot say that they are too similar. But when we sing Kazakh songs at home, everyone is delighted.


A fashion show of Ottoman era clothes was also held as part of the Days of Turkish Culture in Astana. The collection was made in the women's technical-vocational school in Adana. Museums of Ottoman Topkapi and Dolmabahce Palaces and the motives of ornaments of that time were investigated before preparing the costumes. The result is a spectacular collection which reflects modern motifs.



Defile of Ottoman era luxurious clothes was one of the brightest events of the cultural program. About 40 court suits have been brought from Turkey especially for this event. As you know, Turkish and Kazakhs are close nations. Turkey was the first country to recognize the independence of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is strategically important for Turkey, and the Days of Turkey in Astana confirmed this once again.


Kazakh-Turkish cooperation has always been distinguished by high performance. Regular concerts, competitions and festivals strengthen cultural ties between the two countries.