BBC to broadcast piece on Kazakhstan

BBC to broadcast piece on Kazakhstan

A story of the British traveler and explorer Thomas Atkinson served as a basis for the movie about Kazakhstan dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence. BBC World will start broadcasting it starting from mid-November. The footage shows Thomas Atkinson and his wife Lucy traveling across Kazakhstan. Thomas is one of the first European explorers of the XIX century, who made a trip to Central Asia. His works are a unique record of lifestyle of the past time’s steppe nomads. One of the places they visited was Kapal. It is the present Almaty region, near the Jungar Alatau. It is the place where the couple’s son was born. He was given a name Alatau-Tamshybulak in honor of the famous spring in the village of Kapal. The old footage is mixed with new footage of the modern Kazakhstan.



Choose obviously the multi-faceted a land of Kazakhstan many facets of the culture and really celebrating the country. Part of show cases that the BBC narrative and storytelling capacities that we can bring to a country such as Kazakhstan and again one facet of Kazakhstan with other.


Filming was held in Astana, Almaty and Almaty region - the places visited by the British explorer Thomas Atkinson. The screening was attended by the Kazakh Ambassador to the UK, Yerzhan Kazykhanov and the Commissioner of the international exhibition EXPO 2017 Rapil Zhoshybayev. As we know, the BBC shows a great interest in the exhibition. At present, negotiations are underway on media coverage of the international exhibition by the British and other media companies.



We are preparing a partnership agreement with the BBC now. They want to show our country during the exposition, all international events, and all tourism opportunities. We made a presentation of our Expo in Paris. It was New York Times. They are also invited to cover international events in Kazakhstan together with CNN, Euronews and other media outlets.


The film devoted to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence and the promotion of the idea of ‘Eternal Nation’ will be broadcast on BBC TV channel as part of Travel Show and World Business Report programs. Broadcast of the film will cover the audience of many millions of European Union countries, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.