Karaganda region readies for the EXPO 2017

Karaganda region readies for the EXPO 2017

Karaganda region readies for the international exhibition. Entrepreneurs from Karkaraly district have developed special tourist destinations. Currently, there are more than 20 health resorts, recreation areas, and tourist centers in the region. In addition, construction of new tourist facilities is well underway. Every business owner is developing its own unique design so that to get people interested and attract tourists. Sergey Valiakhmetov, for instance, is building wooden hotels. 



Log cabins are environmentally friendly. The air is different here, it is easier to breathe. There is no radiation. Everything made of wood.


The Natural Park is preparing for the international exhibition as well. There are over 10 historical and architecture monuments on its territory. Every year the region’s largest nature reserve is visited by over 50,000 people.



The next year already, we can receive more than 3,000 people per day. Next year, a lot of guests are invited to visit the Expo. We have approved 11 routes; we will show sights in Karkaraly district.


Development of tourism cluster gives a multiplier effect. A workshop for production of wooden souvenirs has been opened in Karkaraly. Musical instruments and dishes in the national style are made here for tourists. The new production has created more than 100 jobs.


Photo: kazakhstan.travel