Kazakhstan increases food exports

Kazakhstan increases food exports

Export of Kazakhstani goods is gaining momentum. South Kazakhstan region started exporting lemons to Russia. These exotic fruit was originated in India and Southern China. They grow very well in domestic greenhouses and have a high yield. As the farmers say, investments are paid off for several years and bring good profit.



Mostly we supply fruits to Shymkent, Astana, Almaty, and even to Russian markets.


In the past five years, five lemon tree orangeries have been opened in Southern Kazakhstan. Special watering, care and special feeding helped get the first fruits this year. Everything began with 3.5 hectares of land where seedlings of ‘Mary’ varieties were planted. In three more years, each bush will produce up to 30 kilograms of lemons. The agrarian believes that up to 100 tons of exotic fruits will be harvested in Southern Kazakhstan.



One fruit weighs in average 70-80 grams. In spring we added fertilizers, introduced sprinkler system that helps maintain a constant humidity and drip irrigation to save water. We plan to collect 200 fruits from each tree.


Rice-growing farmers in Kyzylorda region are also building export capacities. The region is establishing close cooperation with Iran. This year, in Karmakshy district, more than two hectares of the farmlands were allocated for the high-yielding variety of rice ‘Tarom Hashemi’. In the coming agricultural season, farmers are planning to enter the Iranian market, which imports 900,000 tons of rice per year.



Iran harvests about 3 tons of rice of this variety from every hectae. This year we collected 3.5 tons per hectare, and the next year we plan to increase the figure up to 5 tons. The price of one kg of Tarom Hashemi rice variety is $3.5. This project is mutually beneficial for both parties. In addition, as part of the project, we were able not only to fill the granaries, but also started the construction of a rice processing plant in Karmakshy district.


Photo: 7kun.kz