Kazakhstan and Japan continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation

Kazakhstan and Japan continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation

Kazakhstan and Japan continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation. Its driving force is economy. The potential in this area is essential. Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe discussed bilateral ties during the meeting. According to the Kazakh President, under the new conditions, both states develop additional prospects for partnership, including trade ties. In addition, Japanese companies benefit from investing in Kazakhstan and introducing technologies. The Prime Minister of Japan stressed that Kazakhstan has become a model of development and a model of stability in Central Asia.



Kazakhstan is Japan’s largest partner in Central Asia and vice versa. The volume of trade turnover is still $1.5 billion. And, we will steadily expand the horizons of our cooperation, including in technologies, agriculture, nuclear power, automotive and steel industries.


In the new economic conditions, the Kazakh-Japanese cooperation has great prospects. It is important for Japan to strengthen cooperation with the states of Central Asia, and Kazakhstan plays a special role here. However, investments and transfer of technologies are particularly important amid growing manufacturing needs. These factors open interesting investment and expansion opportunities for Japanese companies.



Stability in Central Asia where Kazakhstan is located is very important for the global community. Japan makes its own contribution to sustainable development of this region as part of the dialogue between Central Asia and Japan. Kazakhstan is a peace guarantor in this regard. We have signed joint application aimed at further development of strategic partnerships between our countries; this agreement will become our guide in solving issues that we consider important such as improvement of Kazakhstan’s investment climate, support of   Japanese companies that operate on the territory of Kazakhstan.


The high officials have signed bilateral agreements on cooperation in different spheres during the visit of Nursultan Nazarbayev. It also became known that Tokyo will take part in Astana Expo. However, the most important part of the cooperation for the countries is non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Kazakhstan and Japan intend to conduct a joint work on the fight for the nuclear-free world.


Photo: Akorda.kz