Buzurmankul Myrzaliyev's personal exhibition is taking place at National Art Gallery in Astana

Buzurmankul Myrzaliyev's personal exhibition is taking place at National Art Gallery in Astana

Is it possible to combine passion to martial arts and the need for self-expression through visual arts? Kyrgyz painter Buzurmankul Myrzaliyev has managed to combine such incompatible art forms. The master has opened his personal exhibition at National Art Gallery in Astana. The exposition includes landscapes, portraits and still-life paintings distinct by the variety of colors and compositions. The painter uses Kung Fu principles in his works.



I work using three techniques – impressionism, abstraction and classics. You can see impressionism in these strokes of paint. There are different types of martial arts as well such as jeet kune do, karate, wushu, qigong and so on. I combine all types of elements – soft, hard and martial. Actors wield a sword, a knife or any other weapon in movies. This inspires both artists and sportsmen.


Back in the 1990s, Myrzaliyev was trained in martial arts by the Vietnamese Shaolin masters. At present, he is the President of the Kyrgyz Federation of Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do and Qigong. However, Kung Fu and painting are not the only passions of the master. He revealed himself as a poet, writer and a philosopher. The artist says that information from space has helped him to realize his purpose in life. The main source of inspiration was his wife Cholpon.



I would like to highlight the work "Anarhan and the rabbit." This work catches attention with the pomegranates growing on the tree and the girl, whose name is Anarhan. She holds a big rabbit in her hands. At first I thought it was all a lamb but it was a very fertile rabbit. Thus, we see that this work symbolizes wealth, fertility, happiness and warmth


In the future, Buzurmakul Myrzaliyev wants to open Shaolin martial arts school and an art gallery in his homeland in order to share with his unique perception of the world through visual arts. 


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