Kazakhstan’s automotive industry gains momentum

Kazakhstan’s automotive industry gains momentum

Green Technology is important not only in anticipation of the EXPO-2017. Kazakhstan is gradually moving its industries towards to sustainable development. Domestic automakers intend to manufacture electric vehicles. This is an eco-friendly analogue of the car with an electric engine.


Kostanay car factory is preparing a of vehicle conveyor assembly. There is no doubt that these cars will be in demand. They are environmentally friendly, easy to repair and cheap. 12 experimental electric vehicles have already assembled at present.



The battery is made from lithium, battery charge lasts in average for 200 km, and it depends on the driving style. What are the pros? Firstly, it is environmentally friendly, this is the first advantage. Secondly, we carried out a small test on the battery charge, and in conversion to 1 km run, it is 50% cheaper than gasoline.


From ordinary combustion engine cars, electric cars are distinguished by design simplicity and the best traction. They can be charged via usual outlets. The infrastructure necessary for electric vehicles will be developed in Kazakhstan as well. Prior to the EXPO-2017, 100 filling stations for electric cars will be constructed in Astana and Almaty and on the highway connecting the two cities. 40 filling stations will be opened in cities and other 20 along the roads.   



We think that the opening of 100 gas stations will give us an opportunity to shape the market of electric vehicles, to form a specific consumer demand. Why? Because electric cars are our future trend, it is an environmentally friendly transport that is 9 times cheaper than a petrol engine.