A crafts exhibition was held in Astana

A crafts exhibition was held in Astana

Kazakhstan’s art development gains momentum. Kazakh craftsmen often take part in various exhibitions, festivals, fairs, promoting their works, ensuring continuity of arts and crafts development, maintenance of diversity and preservation of the ages-old traditions. Kazakhs have historically been skilled in pottery. To showcase this, a crafts exhibition was held in Astana. The exhibition featured unique pieces made according to the traditional methods of clay works.



Our craftsmen have already become extensively experienced in pottery. Their works are not only household utensils but also masterpieces that are exhibited in museums. This is very exciting!


The exhibition was organized by the public association ‘Independent life DOS’. The organization helps people with limited abilities to open their talents. In addition, anyone can come and learn how to work with clay here.



What we’d like to see is disabled people actively participating in something that they love, they are very good at. And it’s fun to see them more self-reliant, to be able to build things, make things that can be appreciated by everyone. It’s also good to see that Kazakhstan is highlighting it, focusing on people who have disabilities and they are still able to make beautiful things. In America we have similar approach.


You can devote your life to pottery or do it as a hobby or therapy. Masters say, by creating art objects with one’s hands, one puts his heart and certain meaning into it. Craftsmen want to leave a reminder of the present times in Kazakhstan for the future generations through their works.



The exhibition is titled ‘Preserving the Traditions’ because we are trying to convey that our traditions have been preserved since the dawn of time and the future generations should keep them. This is a richness of a human soul we can say, when a person makes this, he makes what he sees, points out every pattern and expresses it in a creative way.


The organization is not limited to showcasing of art objects. They often hold arts and crafts master class for children. Every child could make a clay bowl or a pitcher under the guidance of a master. Through tactile sensations children can get easily interested in pottery, art therapists believe.