Foreign businessmen attracted by Kazakhstan’s investment climate

Foreign businessmen attracted by Kazakhstan’s investment climate

South Korean farmers are planning to invest in Kazakhstan’s agricultural sector. They are ready to share their technologies and open greenhouses in Kazakhstan. Businessmen from Almaty region have already started negotiations with the potential partners. South Korean farming technologies are among the best in the world. Moreover, agriculture is not the only industry South Korean entrepreneurs are interested in. According to the head of the Kazakh-Korean Center on Cooperation Promotion, companies working in the field of renewable energy and water supply are expressing interest as well. The staff of the Kazakh-Korean Center is focusing on the collection and exchange of information, and in the near future, private firms and companies will start concluding contracts on new joint projects.



Kazakh-Korean relationships are significantly improving and many people travel to Kazakhstan. Cultural exchange gains momentum as well. Astana will host the World’s Fair themed ‘Future Energy’ and now we are preparing the Korean pavilion where we will present our technologies. Many Korean companies are willing to enter Kazakhstan’s market.


Turkish entrepreneurs intend to invest in Kazakhstan’s economy. They are attracted by Kazakhstan’s favorable investment climate.  Turkish businessmen are interested in opportunities provided under the Industrial-Innovative Development Program, ‘100 Steps’ Program and five institutional reforms. A meeting was held in Istanbul, organized by the Kazakh Embassy, featuring presentation of business conditions and investment climate in Kazakhstan to foreign businessmen.



Kazakhstan is a safe and rapidly developing country. These are important factors for foreign investors. After evaluating all these, our company decided to enter the market of Kazakhstan. Until last year, we produced products in Turkey and delivered to Kazakhstan. Now we have moved our production to Kazakhstan. Moreover, we are planning to export our products manufactured in Kazakhstan to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.