Latvia prepares to participate in EXPO-2017

Latvia prepares to participate in EXPO-2017

Latvia is preparing to participate in the international exhibition «EXPO-2017». The name of the pavilion "Meeting Place – Latvia.Energy in our nature" has been already approved. Riga intends to demonstrate its technical and technological achievements at the next world’s fair. Latvia is a bridge between the East and the West, and it is its geographical advantage that the country wants to emphasize at the EXPO-2017. A few dozen state, municipal and private enterprises will demonstrate their capabilities in Astana. Latvian Transport Minister has high hopes for the forum. He is confident that Riga and Astana will move to a new cooperation level in the field of transit and logistics after the forum.



Our main priority is Kazakhstan itself. Kazakhstan is a reliable partner we have friendly ties with. In the future, we need a close cooperation with Kazakhstan especially in the field of transport and transit where we can work closely to attract cargo from China.


The territory of the Latvian pavilion will be 365 square meters. The layout and the concept of the stand are ready but kept in secret. Construction of the Latvian stand will begin in January next year.



We will be showcasing the common theme of the exhibition reflected in different industries for 12 weeks. This will include various branches of the Latvian economy. Other enterprises will be able to showcase their technologies and products on assigned weeks. So our stand will be quite interesting, it will be like the Eurovision.


Latvia’s overall expenditures for EXPO participation may be reach half a million euros. In addition to the main program, Latvia will hold cultural events – the organizers have promised to bring popular Latvian artists to Astana.