Kostanay plant to assemble electric cars

Kostanay plant to assemble electric cars

Mass production of electric vehicles has been launched in Kazakhstan. These cars are known as environmentally friendly, easy to repair and inexpensive. On average, a car will cost about 5 million tenge. Car assembly plant has already made 12 experimental electric vehicles.


These electric cars have a simple design and better towing capacity compared to fuel vehicles. This is an electrified version of the front-wheel drive crossover with 85-kilowatt electric motor, 115 horsepower and a battery of 33 kW/h.



The battery is made of lithium, a charge is enough for an average of 200 km, and it depends on driving style. What are the pros? Firstly, it is environmentally friendly, this is the main advantage. We carried out a small test on the charge, and in terms of 1 km run unlike gasoline, it is 50% cheaper.


Kazakhstan will develop the infrastructure necessary for electric vehicles. In the nearest future, there will be nearly 100 charging stations: 40 in Almaty, 40 in Astana and about 20 on highways.