Victory day celebrated across Kazakhstan

Victory day celebrated across Kazakhstan

Theatrical scenes of the life of Aliya Moldagulova and Bauyrzhan Momyshuly were performed in Semey on Victory Day. Artistic groups performed famous songs of the war years. Semey residents also participated in the campaign ‘Immortal regiment’.




We were happy when war finished and it was Victory Day. When we’ve learned that the fascist have been defeated, we began to shoot up in the sky with what we had had in our hands with a gun, a rifle. The sky at night was as bright as day.


In Aktobe, people laid flowers to the Obelisk of Glory. At the same time, the residents paid a tribute to fallen soldiers at the Alley of Heroes, at the monument of Aliya Moldagulova and at mass graves. Presently, 125 participants of the Great Patriotic War live in the region.




For me, its pain and sorrow, and happiness, because we have this holiday, and there are veterans that I can congratulate. There is a pain, of course, because many people are dead. I’m very grateful for them.


In Taraz, 300 veterans enjoyed a real soldier's porridge in field conditions. In the central park, the young soldiers specially formed the field oven and prepared porridge on the army recipe. Veterans liked the meal, they say that remember it in that way.


‘Square of Fame’ opened in memory of the fallen soldiers in the Victory Park in Kazalinsk town of Kyzylorda region. At the beginning of the war, more than 10 thousand people from Kazaly region went to the front. About half of them had been killed on the battlefield. Only six veterans are alive presently. The monuments to the heroes of war and labor, government and public figures were erected at the ‘Square of Fame’.


A real front-line town with restored military equipment and war years’ entourage was established on Victory Day in Ust-Kamenogorsk. People willingly photographed at the legendary Katyusha rocket launcher. But perhaps the most massive event was the sports-patriotic event ‘Victory Record’. Participants performed 25,934 push-ups, by the way, that is the number of days that had passed since May 9, 1945.