Unique exhibits reflect period of Great Migration of peoples

Unique exhibits reflect period of Great Migration of peoples

The archaeologists of the Mangystau region presented exhibits from the period of Great Migration of peoples, where artifacts of funerary complex Altyn-Kazgan were showcased. This historical monument was found a few years ago, about 100 km from Aktau. The funeral complex is located in the open air on an area of 130 hectares and has unveiled over 200 artifacts for scientists to study.



This monument is of the Hunnic period. The huge complex appeared in the Mangystau region for some reason. At the moment we cannot explain it. The complex is very bright, it has similar complexes in the Volga region, Ural, North Caucasus, southern Ukraine, but in no way it is connected with the territory of Kazakhstan and it is still a mystery. Now it is difficult to say about its significance, for the reason that the information that we have received, arouses more questions than gives answers.


The exhibits in the museum have a unique approach. As planned, the hall is decorated in the form of a caravanserai, the fragments of ancient maps are depicted on the ceiling, and main findings discovered over the last 30 years in the Mangystau region are arranged along the walls.



Experts from Aktau and Atyrau offered such unusual approach. Nearly 700 exhibits are showcased on the area of 130 square meters. Andrei Astaphiyev is the author of the project. 11 million tenge was allocated to renew the hall under the program ‘Cultural Heritage’.




Photo: e-history.kz