National Security challenges discussed in Akorda

National Security challenges discussed in Akorda

Security Council meeting chaired by the Head of State took place in Akorda. Participants talked about the implementation of the National Security Strategy of Kazakhstan and discussed challenges of migration policy.



Traditionally, at the beginning of the year, we will consider the fulfillment of tasks under the Kazakh National Security Strategy for 2015. Secondly, we shall consider the migration policy of Kazakhstan.


Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that social commitments will be strictly fulfilled, as the necessary level of defense, security and law enforcement will be maintained. President highlighted the global impact on the decline in economic growth, the threat of religious extremist and terrorist nature in the surrounding regions among the serious risks and challenges. Consolidation of the society is important in countering crises, said the Head of State.


Security Council Secretary Nurlan Ermekbayev told about the further improvement of the activity of law enforcement bodies, measures to protect the rights of citizens and the maintenance of public order. The meeting gave specific instructions to the Government and local authorities in the areas of economic, informational, military and political security. On migration policy attention was paid to issues related to the return of ethnic Kazakhs in Kazakhstan.



The need for their prompt adaptation in Kazakhstan was underlined, providing them with the necessary education, rational settlement in labor-scarce areas. Besides, the sides exchanged views on land seizures; illegal construction in the occupied areas of land, the need for all local authorities to be proactive and prevent such cases was stressed. Ministry of Internal Affairs was instructed by the Head of State to identify the prerequisites for floods and other natural situations in the early stages and take the necessary measures for preemption. Following the meeting, specific instructions have been given to the Government, local authorities and the control over their execution is entrusted to the Security Council apparatus.