Kazakhstan to develop Oncology service Road map

Kazakhstan to develop Oncology service Road map

General Director of Oncology campus under Gustave Roussy Institute of Oncology (France) Alexander Eggermont and Professor of the University Medical complex "Charité" (Germany) Günter Henze will assist local specialists to develop an oncology service road map in Kazakhstan.


The corresponding agreement has been reached between the Minister of Health and Social Development (MHSD) of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova and the renowned professors during working meetings held in the Ministry.

At a roundtable with Alexander Eggermont the parties have discussed opening of the department for bone marrow transplantation at the National Scientific Medical Center under the MHSD, considered the program to alleviate patients' pain, as well as training for conducting chemotherapy.

The parties have also considered the possibility of opening a lab of molecular genetics, immune-histochemical studies to determine the targeted therapy, as well as the established of an oncology clinic through public-private partnership and training of Kazakhstani specialists via MD/PHD programs.

During the talks with Günter Henze the sides talked over the prospects of children's oncology service development in Kazakhstan. In particular, the parties have discussed the development of palliative care for children with cancer, construction of homes for children with cancer and their parents, verification of immune-histochemical studies in the reference laboratory in Kiel (Germany).

Following the event the parties have agreed that Professor Alexander Eggermont will act as an adviser on the development of oncologic service for adults. Professor Günther Henze, in turn, will assist domestic experts on the establishment of children's oncology service in Kazakhstan.

The agency has confirmed that both professors will be appointed as freelance advisors to the Minister of MHSD.


Text and photo: inform.kz