Kazakhstan, IAEA sign agreement on establishment of low-enriched uranium bank

Kazakhstan, IAEA sign agreement on establishment of low-enriched uranium bank

Kazakhstan and the IAEA signed an agreement on establishment of a bank of low-enriched uranium in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Before nuclear fuel bank in the world did not exist. Kazakhstan became the first country to propose this initiative to the world community. Any country that sends a request to the IAEA can get low-enriched uranium from the stores.



- Kazakhstanis should know that today we have made a historic deal. All are concerned when each country begins its nuclear enrichment program. This is a direct path to the illegal distribution of enriched uranium. And we are talking now, any country that wants to use the peaceful atom is able not to do this at home but take it here.



- For years Kazakhstan has been a steadfast partner of the IAEA, in working to prevent non-nuclear proliferation, and advancing peaceful uses of nuclear energy. President Nazarbayev took the historical initiative to give up a substantial arsenal of nuclear weapons, which Kazakhstan inherited from the Soviet Union. As well as is the joining of the treaty of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons 00:05:04:02


The signing ceremony was held with the participation of Kazakhstan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Erlan Idrissov and Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano. The event was also attended by representatives of States - the permanent members of the UN Security Council, including Britain, China, Russia, US and France, as well as the donors of the project - the EU, Norway, Kuwait and the UAE.



- We have just witnessed the global events, because the creation of the bank is a historic moment, since it is a unique safety mechanism that ensures low-enriched uranium for all members of the IAEA. The bank will serve for the benefit of nuclear energy peaceful development, and will make a significant contribution to strengthening the global nuclear safety.



- I am grateful to all the donors including the government of Kazakhstan. Their contributions will make it possible to establish the uranium bank and will cover its cost for the first ten years of operation. Ladies and gentlemen, as there is largest uranium producer with expertise in peaceful nuclear technology Kazakhstan is well suited for hosting the IAEA uranium bank. The Ulban metallurgical plant is licensed nuclear site with 60 years of experience in commercial scale operations. 00:04:30:23


The low enriched uranium bank will be located in the territory of the Ulba Metallurgical Plant. It will provide countries with reliable access to fuel for its nuclear power plants. Shipment of the first batch to the bank is planned in 2017. According to experts, it will not bring harm to the environment and people of the region.



Photo: dixinews.kz