Astana hosted the 19th city festival of languages

Astana hosted the 19th city festival of languages. The festival was organized to mark the Day of Languages ​​of the People of Kazakhstan as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. The festival aims to expand the use of the Kazakh language, to contribute to interethnic harmony and to engage the young people in the country’s modernization. The contest hosted special awards for contribution to development of the Kazakh language. A number of well-known journalists, public figures, teachers, doctors as well as members of the country’s ethno-cultural associations won the awards.


 - This festival takes place every year. As part of the holiday, Astana hosts many bright events. For example, one of the events is dedicated to the birthday of the Kazakh poet Abai and his works. Another event is devoted to traditions of the Kazakh people. In addition, we organize competitions. Today we held one of such contests. We also granted people who made a significant contribution to development of the state language.