Outcomes of international expedition

Astana hosted a conference which announced the outcomes of the third international expedition "From Khentei to Ulytau: the revival of historical memory". A team of researchers from Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey and Uzbekistan presented findings which they discovered during the trip to holy places of the ancient Turkic cities. The expedition started on August 15th 2017 at the territory of Mongolia, the small homeland of Genghis Khan and finished with visits to historical places of Kazakhstan. In total, scientists had to overcome more than 7,000 kilometers.



 - Regarding the expedition in Kazakhstan’s territory, it is a very important stage of this international mission. Yesterday we visited Ulytau, historical and holy places of Kazakhstan as well as the entire great steppe. Ulytau is the birth place of  the Golden Horde and tragically this is where the great empire came to an end. A special complex will be built in Ulytau and possibly this will be a tourist facility.


The expedition was held under the auspices of the International Turkic Academy. The participants’ primary goal is to study new facts about the existence of a great nomadic civilization. Thus, during the research, they discovered ancient Turkic ritual complexes as well as many unexplored stone sculptures.



- I think that this sort of expedition will continue and reach our youth. We need to know very well our ancestors, history of our fathers and grandfathers, to observe how they lived, their existence, identity and what their life’s mission was, because without knowing the past, we won’t have a future.


This is the expedition’s third consecutive year. This year it was organized as part of the large-scale Modernization of Public Consciousness program. The expedition will further continue with the historic landmark places of Uzbekistan and Hungary.