The International Turkic academy’s scientists are on an expedition to Mongolia

The International Turkic academy’s scientists are on an expedition to Mongolia

The International Turkic Academy supports the head of state’s program article "The Course Towards the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness." The academy’s scientists are on an expedition titled "From Khentii to Ulytau: Revival of Historical Memory." Within a month, archaeologists and Turkologists will conduct excavations and comprehensive studies of ancient ritual complexes. The first starting point has been the Burkhan Khaldun mountain. Members of the expedition are confident that this place has a lot of valuable artifacts.


- Our expedition started from the Khentii area which means that archaeologists have previously studied the Orkhon area. Last year we studied Siva Tulan. In the past, Turkologists didn’t have access to the Khentii area. For this purpose, we began to study facilities and historical monuments there.

Mongolia is ready to provide any support to the Turkic Academy in conducting research and excavations. This was stated by a Mongolian representative Gelegpil Chuluunbaatar. The Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Mongolia praised the article of the Kazakh President and noted that the modernization of public consciousness is truly vision to the future. Moreover, Mongolia has expressed a desire to become a member of the Turkic Academy.


We are ready to conduct research with the Turkic Academy. Today our bilateral relations have reached a high level. In the future, thanks to archaeological research, I hope that we will have access to new data.

Within a month the expedition participants will visit the holy places of Mongolia and Kazakhstan which are significant for the Turkic history. After exploring the holy Burkhan Khaldun Mountain, a group of scientists will travel to Ulytau, where the tombs of Alash Khan and Jochi Khan are located.