Transition of Kazakh into Latin alphabet

Transition of Kazakh into Latin alphabet

The transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet has great prospects, country’s scholars, philologists and public figures agree with Kazakh President Nazarbayev after the exclusive interview he gave to Khabar Agency. Writer Smagul Elubai is confident that when goals are set accurately, the workflow follows and the task will be achieved correctly.      


- This article gives a good impulse to our spiritual development. It outlines the current development prospects, which the President explained in more detail in his interview. I think that his interview is necessary for the people, scientists, and intellectuals for the people to understand the essence of the article.


- It's not just a simple translation of letters. The President noted that there are extra letters in the Cyrillic alphabet that arent necessary for the Kazakh language. The true meaning of the Kazakh words were distorted with the transition to Cyrillic.

A country has to progressive in order to enter the world’s top 30 most developed countries. English, as the international language, is based on the Latin alphabet. Now, the main goal is to develop a competent strategy for a smooth transition. Moreover, a number of the post-Soviet countries have had this experience. Some of the countries switched to the Latin alphabet after gaining their independence.


- We used Latin script in Kazakh between 1929 and  1940. All of our textbooks, scientific research, even novels were written and printed in Latin. We got used to it and I think even now the younger generation can master the Latin alphabet. We began to use the Cyrillic alphabet in the Soviet times. However, today, the alphabet is actively used only in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus when the entire world uses the Latin alphabet.