Young Kazakh developers at Silicon Valley

Young Kazakh developers at Silicon Valley

Schoolgirls from Kazakhstan developed an unusual and essential mobile application "QamCare". Aziza and Aigerim are the mentors who strictly guided developers. The program won the Grand Prix in Technovation Challenge which took place in the Silicon Valley in the United States of America.


- You open the application and register. A map appears on the main screen. The application has a family circle. You can add people from your phone contacts to the family circle. Before you start a route, for example,  going home from school or somewhere to visit, you add proxies and mark your trip on the map. In case of danger, you can press the SOS button.

If the phone is lost or in case of an emergency, the additional SOS button can rescue the user. The schoolgirls developed independently from various microcircuits. Like a mobile application it can send a message. Young innovators thought out absolutely every single detail, including the main logo. The name of the application is "QamCare" comes from the Kazakh word “Kamkor” which means “care”.


- The idea for the logo didnt come to us right away. We had thought and seen how the logo is made. We thought we should make it minimalistic or complicated, eventually we came up with the idea that these are two hearts and when they fit together, they get such a pin which shows your location. In the middle we added the letter "Q", which means "QamCare", the capital letters of our name.

Now the developers are working on the QamCare application and are preparing to launch it in online stores. The program will be free, but its authors are looking for sponsors to justify the development and maintenance costs.