Dozens of innovative projects and as a result the leadership in the list of the most visited pavilions at EXPO 2017 says a lot about the Swiss pavilion. The country can share its achievements in green technologies. Switzerland topped the 2016 rankings in the Global Innovation Index. Recently, the Confederation has become the fourth state in the world that has abandoned the nuclear power. This decision was adopted in a nationwide referendum. At EXPO 2017 in Astana, Switzerland participates under the Flower Power slogan. The Swiss expo commissioner Manuel Salchli told about the country’s energy strategy in an exclusive interview to Kazakh TV channel.



 - The main idea is basically that all of us have an influence on what's happening to our landscape around us and to the beautiful nature. We invited people to the forest which is like it is at the moment very quiet. The trees are kind of dead and only the people take care of the beautiful nature that we're living in Kazakhstan and in Switzerland. Only if we invest into new energies and the fossil fuels and nuclear energy that nature can actually survive. So that's the main concept.

How do we talk to the people, it's for quite interactive thematic houses as we call them. We have one house which you might see people into a Swiss cabin up in the Swiss mountains and then we talk about solar energy. The two adventurers Pietro Picaro and Raffaele Dongione exploring the sky with solar powered planes. We have a water house where people are invited to lie down for 10 minutes listen to beautiful sound and watch a movie about water management all the threats that can be, possible solutions that we can find. The third house is a cooking show as you may have seen it on TV. The people assist in the process of making a Rosti, difficult Swiss potato dish and they learn the process. They learn how to be energy efficient in their own private house. And last but not least we have a station where we talk about a Swiss startup called CSCM. There is continuously developing solar cells and we show the visitors how a solar cell has changed from a very dark loose solar cell as you may have seen it on the roofs of private houses or industrial buildings to a small solar cell that you can actually wear on your clothes and as a solar cell which is able to produce enough energy to charge your mobile phone.

You know it's a fantastic opportunity for Switzerland to be invited to the expo a year in 2017. Because in this year in 2017, Swiss people have voted in a public mode for a change of our energy strategy meaning that by 2050 we will shut down all our nuclear power plants. We will increase investment into the new energy such as solar energy, water, hydro power and we will try to increase the efficiency in our private homes meaning that we will buy new fridges, new stoves that are very energy efficient that consume less energy on a daily basis.

I must congratulate the Kazakh people you know normally people visit an expo. They want to see as many pavilions as possible so they were drawn for the pavilion in order to see the expo. They take time. They sit down in our cabin, in our cooking show, in our Swiss Lab. We have workshops. For example, they can make their own solar powered lamp but it takes about half an hour. Whole families sit down and take the time. They took questions which occasionally our staff cannot even answer because they go so much into the details of complements that the Kazakh people actually visiting this.


Switzerland has prepared a number of surprises. A large cultural program dedicated to the country’s national day is scheduled for August 11th. The participation of a Swiss president Doris Leuthard is expected.