Best Practices Area at the expo is presenting the world’s most advanced innovative and popular technologies, projects and strategies in sustainable energy. Every project is of genuine interest for the visitors. For example, these floorboards which are very popular among visitors allow charging a dozen cameras simultaneously.



 - People line up to take a picture and then to send a video and a snapshot. They find it interesting. The kinetic energy of your steps is generated owing to the plates.  The plates have 3 electromagnetic generators and thanks to these generators your kinetic energy is processed into electricity.

These types of technologies can be found London’s Heathrow airport. Tokyo, India and Singapore also use the British project to illuminate the streets. The expo’s guests don’t bypass this stand. The idea came from Finland. The technology is a kind of a thermal power plant which works without a negative effect on the environment.



 - The main component is the helium air collector which is attached to the roof of the house and at the expense of which we absorb energy. The collector’s hybridity is unique. In addition to the sun's rays, we absorb warm air and solar radiation. Moreover, even UV is invisible to the man’s eye a lot of business people come here, for example, the Ukrainian entrepreneur is about to launch such a project.

Unspent energy is accumulated and stored. Thus, a building always maintains the right temperature. Instead of the usual batteries, the heat is accumulated in the helium reservoirs through the pipes with antifreeze and then the heat is distributed. International ideas are gathered in one place and can be of interest to the guests no less than installations in the pavilions of 115 countries.



 - It is not only about waste burning but also electricity production. I think it's good.


 - Electric scooters, new rickshaws and new cars are being invented. I knew about the scooter from the Internet. The other things are interesting and I didn’t know about them.


 - It's very cool that you can generate power for your own photo and you can produce energy for air condition and heating of your own home well as you drive an electric car without environmental damage.


In addition to interesting and useful information, the pavilion’s guests can also trey and test the cool developments.