Austria is sharing the experience in green technologies with Kazakhstan

Austria is sharing the experience in green technologies with Kazakhstan

Austria is sharing the experience in green technologies with Kazakhstan. As part of the EXPO 2017, Astana hosted Kazakhstan-Austria Day of Sustainable Technologies. Training seminars on hydropower, solar energy and construction of smart cities were held throughout the day. The day featured a visit by a respectable business delegation from the Carinthia Federal Land to the Kazakh capital. Carinthia Federal Land is Austria’s southernmost province which actively uses the renewables today and is a leader among the European regions in terms of energy independence. More than 52% of the region’s total energy is produced from clean sources: hydroelectric power stations, solar cells and biomass.



 - Our companies came here to present their technologies. We have a lot of experts in the green construction. They will talk about how to save energy when building houses. There are also experts in solar energy and financing of energy-saving projects. Carinthia plans to actively cooperate with the South Kazakhstan region. Last year we signed an agreement on partnership in the field of renewables.


Businessmen of the two countries held meetings in a B2B format with an intension to build mutually beneficial cooperation. For example, the largest Austrian manufacturer of solar thermal collectors expressed an interest in partnering with Kazakh entrepreneurs. The company has an extensive experience in manufacturing panels for solar power plants.



This is the first time I’m in Kazakhstan. We want to explore the market and see how our products fit to the market, which partner we should team up with and find best possible ways to cooperate. As I said we are not just necessary looking for selling something, we look for partners who want to go with us in a longer way for developing new energy, especially, in our case on fuel sector.


Kazakh businessmen also recognize the necessity of a staged transition to renewables. Just like the Austrian colleagues, the Kazakh entrepreneurs understand that the future lies in new technologies.



-They have small hydroelectric power stations. Kazakhstan has a lot of small rivers. From these rivers we can get a huge amount of electrical energy. We provide drinking water to the Shymkent city, which means a number of localities of approximately one million people. We also provide sewage treatment services. We wish to cooperate with them in order to open a joint venture.