The United Kingdom is one of the major participants of the expo. The theme of the event “Future Energy” is a very close one for the UK Expo Commissioner, Professor Charles Hendry. He has worked extensively across the energy and trade sectors. He was previously the president of the British Institute of Energy Economics and remains patron of the UK Nuclear Institute. Commissioner Hendry is currently making sure that the UK expo pavilion is a big success. 



 - What we are keen to do through our pavilion is to show the interaction between us as human beings in the world we live in. So we highlight the fact that we’ve come from one source  which is the Sun that created the whole universe, all of us have come from that, all of our energy  comes from the Sun.  We then go through and we show the reaction between us again, our landscape, our environment, the impact which we individually have, the decisions which we make, they have an impact on the environment or energy. And then we found a creative way with one of the biggest screen devour produced in the world and the interpretation of the Earth and saying if you touch the structure that has an impact on. Then  we talk about how the UK has led innovation going back 200 years, starting from the industrial revolution, then moving forward into technologies in the last century of the jet engine, then the worldwide web, moving forward into the future and particularly then looking at graphene which we think is a wonder material, one of the most important discoveries made at the University of Manchester  by two Russian scientists and which has got incredible implications for the ways in which we use energy, the way in which we transmit energy, electricity and ways in which we can deal with future energy. So our focus is on innovation but done in a way that reflects the culture of Kazakhstan and the very close ties between our countries. 

 - I think that what we are trying to show is that we often think outside the box, we can make big leaps forward in technology. The UK has some of the best universities in the world. Four of the top ten universities are in the United Kingdom, and that we’ve brought in there people from right around the world: many brilliant young Kazakhs come to study there and so we’ve created an environment where some of the best brains can work on some of the most difficult solutions and challenges, and in that respect, that graphene is a big and important step forward.

 - Well we’ve seen an enormous growth in the UK in terms of the amount of power and energy we are crossed to which we get from renewable and alternative sources. Just a few years ago, we had about 20% from nuclear and just 5% from renewables, so 25%. Last week, a week before, it was 50%, and that growth has almost entirely been coming from renewables. So, we have the world’s largest amount of offshore wind.

 - Charles Hendry had previously served as the Trade Envoy to Kazakhstan. He has a well-rounded understanding of the importance of the world’s fair for Kazakhstan. He hopes that the Kazakh people will see the value of the event.

 - I think events like expo very important because you come here and you realize that Kazakhstan is serious about the transition. I think we also recognize that many countries have enormous oil and gas resources they are also looking at how they can do more to ensure their own people with renewable resources and alternative energy. We found out, through our engagement with the government of Kazakhstan, that there is a real desire to see what other countries are doing to identify what technologies can be most constructive, the most beneficial and to try to attract people from around the world which have good expertise to come here to do that work and to make it productive and possible here in Kazakhstan.

 - This is an important part of Kazakhstan’s way forward set up by President Nursultan Nazarbayev and we want to make sure that people of Kazakhstan realize that we are here as friends and as long-term partners. We want the UK to be a partner of choice in business, in education and in culture. We have been already the country where more bright Kazakhs come through Bolashak scholarship program and through other programs. Well, as we move into our own new world outside the European Union, for us being part of that global community becomes even more important, and encouraging the brightest young Kazakhs to come to university in the UK and to work there.