The Beijing Week took place at the Astana EXPO 2017

The Beijing Week took place at the Astana EXPO 2017

The Beijing Week took place at the Astana EXPO 2017. The celebration started with a concert program. The audience saw a striking number of waist-drum passion which is a dance with fans that symbolizes amity of Chinese. Performers of the Beijing Opera, acrobats and martial artists showcased their mastery in the famous Wushu. The Chinese pavilion is one thousand square meters in size and is one of the largest in the expo. The pavilion is themed as Future Energy, the Green Silk Road.



 - Many people are trying to get here. Why? The Chinese pavilion is special since there are a lot of interesting novelties. Therefore, the queue is huge.

 - We think that China will invent many new technologies in the future. The expo’s aim is encouraging because it is about the showcase of new achievements in the world of advanced technologies. Many people have gathered which proves that this topic is interesting.

 - The Chinese pavilion’s main feature is that the big screen shows all the nature’s energy. I really want to see it.

China can surprise everyone. The country is actively using a wide variety of renewables. These photovoltaic installations exist in every Chinese region and they produced over two and a half million kilowatts in 2015. A windmill produces 14 million kilowatts. China has the world's largest hydroelectric power station, Sanxia. The plant has produced 93 billion kilowatts of electricity in 2016. China plans to abandon the use of coal in the next 3 years.