EXPO 2017: Russian pavilion hosted an international conference

EXPO 2017: Russian pavilion hosted an international conference

What is the main energy source of the future: renewables or conventional energy? This was discussed at Astana EXPO 2017. The Russian pavilion hosted an international conference in which leading experts from Kazakhstan, Russia, China, the UK and Switzerland took part. Experts discussed the competitiveness of alternative energy sources and predicted the structure of the energy industry of the future.



There is a more optimistic scenario. Renewables will occupy a very important place in the fuel balance of countries like Russia and Kazakhstan within five years. 023819 - My personal opinion is that renewables are the future energy since humanity will learn to make cheap solar panels, cheap wind generators and most importantly, they will learn how to preserve this energy.


According to the speakers, green technologies should be used and developed in a complex way. Thus, the best energy balance should include the best practices of both conventional and renewable energy.



Conventional power isnt an enemy of renewables. SCL You know, Kazakhstan is located in a difficult climatic zone, we have big temperature differences so the advantages of renewables are the absence of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances, but at the same time there are issues regarding  the constant supply of electricity.


The important issue is the financing of implementations for the renewables. It is impossible to switch to renewables without costs. In some countries like China, the state subsidizes similar projects. However, many experts believe that the future of the green economy lies within private sector. When the business recognizes that it is profitable to invest in the development of renewables, then the era of the new green energy will begin.