EXPO 2017: Thailand will showcase itself as leader in bioenergy

EXPO 2017: Thailand will showcase itself as leader in bioenergy

The participating countries will amaze and inspire expo visitors with their most advanced developments, latest technologies and interesting projects. Pavilions are about to open. Thailand will showcase itself as leader in bioenergy and at the same time as an attractive tourist destination. This agricultural country learnt how to generate alternative energy from sugar cane, corn and rice.



 - We are ready to demonstrate our visitors the most successful energy crisis solutions and show how to become independent of fossil fuels to keep the environment clean. One of our halls will be interactive, so visitors will be able to participate in the processes of generating energy from nine sources of biomass and bioenergy.


Swiss pavilion will be designed in semi-futuristic style. It will be full of lit up trees. The more people come in the faster it rotates and creates a fantastic light show. The visitors will see a solar plane, hybrid air motor and other innovative developments demonstrating the country’s advanced experience in the sphere of energy efficiency. The center of the pavilion, which occupies more than 500 square meters, will present four thematic houses devoted to different types of energy and innovative developments. Over four million francs were spent for its creation.



 - This is a fairy tale world. We brought the Swiss flowers, we brought the Swiss mountains, Swiss houses to Kazakhstan. It’s a fairy tale world, it’s an emotional world that will come to people down, and in this world we have hidden three thematic houses.

Five trucks of wood materials were used for the construction of the Finnish expo pavilion. Project authors say it coincides with the expo theme ‘Future Energy’. Finland’s pavilion consists of four houses: pure energy, clean water, smart city and excellent education. Each of them was developed using the latest technological advances.  



 - We have used about 60,000 kilos of wood but that’s not the most interesting. The interesting thing is that we’ve used over 300, 350 unique pieces, so every piece is different shape, it’s like a three dimensional tetris, and then all of these different pieces were put together to produce very sculptural.


According to the organizing committee, more than 1 million 200 thousand expo tickets have been already sold out. The world exhibition will last until September 10, and of course the complex will be further utilized. It will accommodate Astana International Finance Center and a technological park.