By 2030, Finland planning to stop using coal

By 2030, Finland planning to stop using coal

The EXPO 2017 participating countries’ national days will be held daily, throughout the entire time of holding the international exhibition. For 90 days, more than 100 countries will be presenting their green energy achievements, telling about their culture and history. Finland is one of the participants as well. The country has many innovations to share with the world. Finland is the undisputed leader in the sphere of green technologies. By 2030, they are planning to stop using coal and reduce consumption of petroleum products by 50%. At the same time, the number of electric vehicles will be increased by 6 times. Finland is ready to share advanced technologies with Kazakhstan.



 - I am sure that our companies participating in Astana EXPO 2017 will be able to promote their technologies further in Central Asian. However, the main emphasis is put on Kazakhstan. Technologies we are proposing are designed for your country first of all.


Kazakh-Finnish cooperation is mutually beneficial, and encompasses such spheres as energy, agriculture, development of railway transport, heat supply and recycling of domestic waste, and most importantly, logistics development.



 - We delivered cellulose to China just in 8 days. Exports to China are very important for Finland. Exports from Finland to China grew by 50% during this winter. This proves the importance of the transport corridor that Kazakhstan ia creating.


Kazakhstan and Finland will introduce direct flights starting from the 18th of June. The first Helsinki-Astana flight tickets are already sold out. Freelance Expo ambassadors, that are representatives of the Kazakh diaspora in Finland, told about the newly opened opportunities for Kazakhstan. One of them is Elmira Lilekvist.



 - The Finns are interested in the culture and history of Kazakhstan. We are trying to let the Finns learn more about Kazakhstan’s history and applied arts. We tell them about the 2-week visa free entry, and it is quite convenient. Many are planning to visit Kazakhstan.


The Finnish legend says that once in 100 years, the owner of Lapland Oulie Pukke, Santa Claus, fulfills desires twice a year, not only on New Year's Eve. It is planned that he will appear at the exhibition on the national day of Finland on June 20. Then each EXPO visitor will have the opportunity to tell him the most cherished desire.