EXPO 2017: Monaco will present innovations in the field of environmental protection

EXPO 2017: Monaco will present innovations in the field of environmental protection

Monaco will showcase innovations in the field of environmental protection at Astana EXPO 2017. The core concept of the pavilion of the Principality of Monaco will be closely related to the marine theme. The creators of Monaco’s pavilion intend to show their vision of the future which is to work in harmony with nature. For example, visitors will see a kinetic design, "Reflecting the Future” which is a 17-meter mirror and moves like waves. The organizers will project the films on these mirrors. New solutions to increase environmental awareness have become the main emphasis of the pavilion. Monaco will surprise visitors of the expo with unusual installations, virtual reality glasses, 3D cartography and even a special scent that will help guests to experience the sea world. One of unique exhibits is a solar power bamboo bike. The Kazakh racer and the Olympic champion, Alexander Vinokourov has become a sponsor of the Monaco’s exposition.



- Astana EXPO 2017 is an important opportunity for Monaco to show progress in the field of sustainable development. It will inspire the future generation to meet challenges of transition to a "green economy". Monaco is always associated with glamor and a luxurious lifestyle, but it is also the country of great innovation, where the citizens respect the environment. Monaco is a model of integration between a man and nature.


According to the deputy commissioner of the section, Alexander Bokiyon, the Prince of Monaco Albert II will visit a special exhibition. His visit is scheduled for the National Day of the Principality of Monaco on June 25th.

Meanwhile, the Israeli companies are actively preparing for Astana EXPO 2017. In total, 15 renewable energy enterprises will take part in the exhibition. The commissioner of the Israeli EXPO 2017 pavilion, Elazar Cohen confirmed this information. Today, Israel is one of the countries that actively participate in developing renewable energy sources. For instance, nearly 200 companies are engaged in clean power industry. Third of the companies are startup projects which produce equipments both for industrial needs and for use in private houses.



- Several years ago we were a country with shortage of electricity. Thanks to IT, technologies and start-up projects, we will present this energy ourselves in the vanguard of using alternative energy. This exhibition will become a platform for demonstrating our achievements. In the future, we would like to find partners in Kazakhstan.


This equipment works in the desert by using solar energy which heats the water. Energy is also received by utilizing waste products. The Israeli companies are ready to share their experience with the Kazakh enterprises and to open joint ventures.