Innovative project launched in the village of Akshi, will save the region from floods

 Innovative project launched in the village of Akshi, will save the region from floods

The international innovation project launched in the village of Akshi will save the Almaty region from flood situations. The experts predict that from the beginning of the next year water abundance will no longer threaten homes of the local residents. The implementation of the joint EU/UNDP/UNECE project “Supporting Kazakhstan’s Transition to a Green Economy Model”  is ongoing. The project aims to contribute effective management of the country’s sustainable use of water resources by facilitating the best green practices.


- Taking the village of Akshi of the Almaty region as an example, we are reconstructing the drainage collector system which means we are solving the problem of flooding in the village. Water will be allocated behind the settlement where the storage ponds will be built. Local farmers can use water from these ponds. An enterprise was created which is consisted of local residents. Tthey will develop greenhouse farming and agriculture on the storage ponds. Thus, the local farmers will bring economic profit for their village.


Overall, within the framework of Kazakhstan's transition to Green Economy, there are 15 projects to be implemented in 8 regions. 11 of them are already in progress, the other 4 will be implemented early next year. Today, an innovative greenhouse in Astana is one of the effective projects where modern agrarian fibers and a special system of drip irrigation are used for cultivation of plants. In Aktobe region, within the framework of the green economypilot project, a full automation of the system of hydrotechnical stations is underway.



- On the basis of the Kargalinsky reservoir, compact innovative turbogenerators are introduced with a minimum impact on the environment. Before we took energy from the state mini water power plant, now we plan to get energy from these compact innovative turbogenerator stations.


In 2018, the organizers of the program on Kazakhstan’s transition to the green economy model will present the calculations and social benefits of the pilot projects. If the projects are are efficient, similar projects will be implemented across the country.