EXPO 2017: UK Pavilion will be in Kazakh national style

 EXPO 2017: UK Pavilion will be in Kazakh national style

The UK is preparing for the expo in Astana. The pavilion promises to be one of the largest pavilions and to be designed in authentic Kazakh national style. The theme of the UK’s pavilion is "We Are Energy" which will comprise more than two thousand square meters. It’s being designed by an architect Asif Khan. He constructed it in the form of a yurt. The visitors will get acquainted with the scientific achievements of Great Britain right under the shanirak. Indeed, the UK is a globally recognized technology leader and one of green energy leaders. The first international exhibition was held in England in 19th century.



 - The Kazakh yurt was something that stood out as an important benchmark for energy efficiency and optimization for environment around us. It is deployable, it is lightweight, it is flexible as a form of architecture.


English musician and composer, Brian Eno wrote the music that will be featured in the UK expo pavilion. The melody will help reveal the main theme and charge the visitors with energy. Astrophysicist Catherine Heymans of the University of Edinburgh is working on the science part of the pavilion. British organizers expressed confidence that Astana EXPO 2017 gives an opportunity to show the world its advanced technological achievements in alternative energy.



 - We are organizing all sorts of different events around the themes of the expo focusing obviously on different areas of energy. There are many British companies already working in Kazakhstan in the energy sector both in oil and gas and mining sectors and in new technologies. We will be introducing as well, British companies who are working in the renewable sector, who want to come and learn all about Kazakhstan.


Thus, owing to the world exhibition, the UK will have opportunities to strengthen business ties both with Kazakhstan and with other participating countries. England is one of the first countries to confirm its participation and to present the pavilion’s design in Astana EXPO 2017.