Young Kazakhstani robotics will go to the international competition in Costa Rica

Young Kazakhstani robotics will go to the international competition in Costa Rica

The most advanced and authentic ideas of young Kazakh robotics will be introduced at international competition in Costa Rica. Astana hosted the regional stage where interested schoolchildren took part in competition. There were a number of categories like the racing line, football, performing of tasks, RoboSumo in which students competed against each other and tested their creativity. The Republican Robotics Olympiad based on Nazarbayev Intellectual School is held for the third time across Kazakhstan. In this period the talented children have surprised jury with modern and non-standard projects.



-This year’s topic is sustainable development and ecology so children collect such robots which according to a certain algorithm should perform a particular task for a particular color. Children design robots that might help in creating sustainable development in the future. This will allow improvement of global ecology of the by being implemented in large cities and villages.


According to history of the contest, Kazakh youth’s interest in sciences like robotics and mechatronics has been increasing every year. Furthermore, innovators not only code robots but also find the application for them. 



-In contrast to the existing ideas of the combine, or systems that plant any seeds or, crops, first, our robot is able to work separately without any intervention so sometimes maintenance can be needed. Moreover, the robot  is able to work around the clock without stopping, for example, in the future we plan to install solar panels on it, that is, it is an alternative source of energy.


After the regional stages of competition, the children will compete in a republican tour. This year the tour is held based on EXPO. According to the results, the national robotics team will be organized which will represent our country at international competition.