EXPO-2017: Italy has presented its national expo pavilion

EXPO-2017: Italy has presented its national expo pavilion

Italy has presented its national expo pavilion. The visitors will able to take a tour to 40 Italian cities. This will allow the visitors to see and compare the energy technologies of the past and present. The pavilion is divided into four sections of oval shape with a total area of 900 square meters. Each pavilion bears the name of one of the Italian scientists who left a trace in the energy sector. Each pavilion has a distinct topic. Famous architect Paolo Desideri has designed the pavilion. The architect took part in the construction of the Astana Opera theater a few years ago in Kazakhstan.



- We have planned out the pavilion as a series of big fields that exist in Italy in reality. We want to immerse every visitor into this virtual reality of our country, into the history and culture of Italy through an endless stream of images, texts and sound effects. By this, we will let them feel our aesthetics. The pavilion will be impressive.


Italians accepted the invitation to the Astana expo without hesitation. More than 20 Italian large energy companies will take part in the exhibition. The theme of renewable resources is very familiar to Italy since the country is not rich for oil and gas. Today, 39% of the electricity consumed in Italy is produced in the Apennine Mountains with the help of alternative energy resources. This makes Italy one of the leaders in alternative energy use in Europe. 



- Green energy is one of our priorities. We try to increase the usage of resources by making the prices affordable. Italian technology is one of the world leading technologies. Our business mission are successful everywhere. I would like to thank Kazakhstan for letting us take an important part in the exhibition.


More than 100 countries will participate in the world’s fair in Astana. Italy expects a number of new contracts, projects and profitable offers after the expo.