Residents of Astana will be able to read books right at the stops

 Residents of Astana will be able to read books right at the stops

The Kazakh capital city is going to become one of the top 50 smart cities in the world. At present, there are more than 100 smart cities. The Smart Astana project is based on such principles as smart economy and environment, intelligent citizens, and mobility of European capitals’ modernization model. 


The comfortable life technologies are being introduced in Astana all over. These days, residents and tourists can read books at bus stops for instance. The authors of the "Reading City" interactive project believe that it will make people read more.



 - We have just downloaded the book, everything works very fast. It's very convenient. It will be useful for all citizens. They can read in Kazakh too. Such projects are limitless in my opinion one can improve it and add different books.


The first electronic library includes more than one hundred electronic books of world and Kazakh classics in three languages. Digital libraries will be opened at 27 stops. The main goal is to create a collection of 250,000 books.



 - These will be thematic libraries, depending on the street on which this stop is located. For instance, if it is an Abai Avenue bus stop, then there will be works of Abai. The project’s main objective is to ensure that children, teenagers, and young people always have access to the works that represent our cultural heritage.


Another innovative project is hoped to please not only residents of Astana, but also numerous tourists who are expected to come this summer. Smartphones and tablets recharging units will appear on the streets of Astana. The energy will be obtained from solar panels. They will be installed at covered bus stops for autonomous operation. Some streets will be illuminated by alternative energy sources.



There will be eco-beds, like benches, but a bit different, with WiFi, the batteries will be charged with solar energy, so that you can charge smartphones and  gadgets. We also plan to mount eco-fitness. People will work out and generate electricity for parks or the site they are located in. These technologies can work in any weather conditions.