EXPO 2017: Latvia started developing its pavilion

EXPO 2017: Latvia started developing its pavilion

Latvia has started developing its national pavilion for the universal exposition hosted by Astana this summer. The pavilion will occupy an area of 365 square meters and will have two levels. The first level will introduce the guests to research and technological achievements of the country in the field of alternative energy. Here, Latvian enterprises will present their goods and services. A conference hall for business meetings will be placed on the second level of the premises. Precious stones, similar to one of the main symbols of Latvia, amber will decorate the pavilion. Modern audio-visual technologies will add a new dimension to the exhibition.



 - The height of the walls decorated with precious stones will be between 3 meters to 4.8 meters. The visitors will find themselves experiencing the rich beauty of Latvia once they enter the pavilion. These stones will also have a magical property - they will change. They will change their colors and shapes. We will also showcase a model of a hydrogen-electric locomotive in the pavilion. "Energy is in our nature" is our concept.


Latvia will present itself as a country that connects the West and the East. The pavilion will change based on the themes that will change during the expo. Every 12 weeks the pavilion will present different sectors of the economy - from transport and logistics to education, medicine, Internet technologies, agriculture and food industry.



 - Every week there will be something new, the participants who will showcase something special every week. We are planning that there will be approximately 50 participants from Latvia, different companies. Each of them will have something to show.


The enterprises will have the opportunity to not only show themselves to the whole world but also to participate in the trade mission in Kazakhstan.



 - Our trade turnover with Kazakhstan has already reached 100 million euros. These are good numbers. Trade grows about 15% a year. I think that this exhibition will be another impetus for our economic cooperation to continue and grow.


According to the organizers' forecasts, more than two hundred thousand people will visit the Latvian pavilion. The culmination of Latvia's participation in the large-scale event will be its National Day to be held on the 9th of July. Latvian officials promise a rich cultural program. Famous Latvian singer Intars Busulis performing the songs of maestro Raymond Pauls will be the highlight of the cultural program.