Astana hosted a robotics workshop

Astana hosted a robotics workshop

To enhance the skills of teachers in schools of Astana, various workshops and training sessions are regularly held, during which they will be able to acquire new knowledge, the official website of Astana city reports. The most priority areas include computer technology, robotics in particular. Robotics is an applied science, engaged in the development of automated technical systems, which are an important technical basis for production.


"Robotics in the Modern School" workshop for teachers of Astana schools was held from January 22 to January 24 on the basis of the Lyceum School No. 76 with the participation of "Astana Daryny" Regional Scientific-Practical Center. The seminar was attended by 37 teachers of the capitals schools.


The purpose of the workshop is the involvement of teachers and school students to research in the field of robotics, exchange of technical information and initial engineering knowledge, the development of new scientific and technical ideas.


Under the guidance of teachers, the workshop participants got familiar with the basic concepts of programming and programs development that will allow controlling the component parts of robotics platform. On the basis of the robotics assembly kit, teachers of the capitals schools also mastered 3D-modeling skills, everyone was able to understand the basics of 3D-design and 3D-printing in practice. By the end of the workshop, all the participants assembled a simple "cleaner" robot with the remote control, which sees obstacles in front of it, automatically turns on the light.