Advanced technologies in cardiology

Advanced technologies in cardiology

At present, Kazakhstan enters top 30 countries for cardiac surgery. Over the years, Kazakhstan has achieved notable successes in the treatment of many cardiovascular diseases. Supraventricular tachycardia surgery is now performed in the northern Kazakhstan with a help of the modern equipment installed in the regional cardiac center as part of "Densaulyk" state program. Previously, patients with tachycardia were sent to other cities and abroad. In ‘100 concrete steps’ Nation’s Plan, the Kazakh President has set the task to equip hospitals with modern technology.


- We have an electrophysiological unit, radiofrequency ablation and a device for 3D modeling of the heart. These are the last generation equipments, not available in other regional hospitals. When we diagnose tachycardia with the help of electrophysiological test, we cauterize it. That is, we restore the normal heart rhythm of a patient.

Local doctors took training in Tomsk and Moscow before launching such complex operations. Olga Rudi was operated five days ago. The woman is recovering quickly.


- I am happy to know that the fifth equipment is available here and there is no need to go to Astana or Almaty, that doctors can conduct the surgery here. Patients start recovering next day after the surgery. The heart beats differently, without the pain and tachycardia.

20 patients with tachycardia have undergone cardiac surgery. About 600 residents of North Kazakhstan region per year need such operation. In total, in 2017, over one billion two hundred million tenge was allocated from the regional budget for the purchase of equipment as part of "Densaulyk" state program. It is planned to purchase more than 100 medical devices and 23 cars.