Kazakh schoolchildren create futuristic prostheses brush

 Kazakh schoolchildren create futuristic prostheses brush

Kazakhstani schoolchildren have created futuristic hand brushes for children with disabilities. The mechanism is simple - first the young scientists drew a three-dimensional model of all the details, then printed and collected the product. The prosthesis is attached to the wrist. The movement of the muscles activates it. Now schoolchildren are working on a more advanced model.



- At the moment, the second version is being printed. It is already more or less similar to the shape of the hand. It is bigger and, I think, more convenient.


The schoolchildren are mastering the bionics according to a new program. It is a section of cybernetics, which studies the structure of organisms for solving engineering and technical problems. The boarding school management is planning to introduce another course "Applied Neurophysiology". This will be an online course taught by teachers abroad. The school laboratory will be equipped with a special scanner. It can read the power of the brain pulse. Then the prosthesis made by the students will fully replace a human hand. So far, the robotic hand has only developed a grasping function.



- Its cost is about one thousand tenge. But abroad it costs several thousand dollars. This is a charity campaign for children who do not have fingers.


Taldykorgan’s young inventors have assembled a quadrocopter. The device is equipped with a gyroscopic camera, as well as a GPS-navigator. With its help, when the control panel fails, the device returns to the takeoff point. Quadrocopter can climb to a height of up to 600-meters and develop speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour. Its distinctive feature is low price; it is twice cheaper than its analogues. The aircraft can be used in the agricultural sector and geology.



 - We want to develop this technology so that it will directly benefit people, let's say in the farm you can use this device. We want to create quadrocopters that will spray chemicals, there is a technology that allows you to specify the route, altitude and speed, at the touch of a button the quadrocopter will fly up, rise over the field and spray chemicals.