Medical tourism is developing in Kazakhstan

Medical tourism is developing in Kazakhstan

Medical tourism is developing in Kazakhstan. According to Healthcare Ministry, more than 5,000 patients came to Kazakhstan from abroad in 2016, which is by 28% more than last year. Residents of Turkey, India, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Korea, China and other countries turned up to Kazakhstan’s doctors. Almaty doctors keep a record of foreign patients they have treated. It turned out that, more than 1,500 citizens of the near and far abroad arrived in Almaty to improve their health last year. Consultative-diagnostic, neuro- and cardiac surgical care, transplantation services are in the highest demand.



- Gynecology, traumatology and maxillofacial surgery are in demand as well. Tourists come mostly from Afghanistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. They are not emergency patients. They purposefully came to Kazakhstan in order to receive treatment. They have chosen the clinic and the doctors themselves. 


Experts say that foreign patients are attracted by cheaper prices and good healthcare service. Local clinics provide high-tech services that meet international standards. Kazakhstan enters top 20 countries that do unique open heart surgery, such as implantation of the artificial heart ventricle. Doctors take training abroad thereby boosting medical tourism in Kazakhstan. Their skills even help to save children’s lives. More than 50 new born babies have undergone high tech surgery in Kazakhstan last year. Doctors say that now nothing threatens children’s lives. Heart surgery is performed at the National Scientific Medical Center. Previously, to do the surgery doctors had to stop the work of heart and maintain blood circulation with a special apparatus.



- Heart and lungs function during the operation, we do not connect artificial blood circulation device. We do a small 2 cm incision and pierce the heart’s avascular zone through this incision, and install a device near the defect of the interventricular septum. We liked the technique very much. It yields very good result, patients recovered sooner.


Foreigners’ interest to Kazakhstan largely depends on general attractiveness of the entire tourism infrastructure. Kazakhstani tourism has been developing at a steady pace for few years. Experts say, the image of a politically stable country is advantageous. According to economists, development of both internal and external medical tourism can bring tens of billions of tenge.