New healthcare program to be launched at primary schools from 2017

New healthcare program to be launched at primary schools from 2017

The program Bala-Aman on preserving the health of school students will launch in Kazakhstan. Special internet project for elementary school students will be introduced in all schools across the country starting from 2017. As the Minister of Health and Social Development Tamara Duissenova told at the reporting meeting with the population, the program is aimed at demonstrating the exercises to reduce fatigue among school students, as well as learning the correct posture. In addition, with the help of a web resource, children will be taught proper nutrition, and the basics of first aid. According to the Minister, this year the project will launch in pilot mode in Astana and Almaty schools. She also stressed that the ministry intends to take under special control medicine in schools.




Today, we have prepared a draft law on the transfer of the school of medicine from the education system in the health care system. We don’t only transfer school medicine, but also change the function which school medicine has to carry out. In includes the introduction of a register of children in schools, conducting professional inspections, dynamic observation, psychological support - these three areas must ensure school students’ recovery during their training and in the summer time.


Kazakhstan to simplify professional medical examination procedure  


In addition, Kazakhstan will simplify the procedure of passing the medical examination. As noted by the Minister, at the offices of the State Corporation citizens can get medical report of health condition during employment. And in case of required additional tests, people can choose clinic and a convenient time in the Public Service Centers.