TB patients get access to latest medicines

TB patients get access to latest medicines

Patients with tuberculosis in Kazakhstan will be treated with absolutely new medicines and according to the new method within the framework of the international project ‘Partners in Health’. Pilot projects have launched in several regions of the country, including in Astana. On Tuesday, the solemn opening of the office of International Project ‘endTB’ was held in Almaty. This partnership will expand access to new drugs for the treatment of patients with tuberculosis and extensively drug-resistant patients. At the presentation, participants of the pilot project shared preliminary results.




The first patients who started treatment in March, now after 2 months, we can already evaluate intermediate result of treatment. We can already see that they no longer spread bacteria, which means that they are no longer ill with contagious forms of tuberculosis. There are positive clinical dynamics; there is a positive dynamic on the radiograph. This really confirms that the medicines of the new scheme are expected to be effective and will reduce the reservoir of resistant forms of tuberculosis that are now in Kazakhstan.


For the last 10 years the morbidity of tuberculosis in Kazakhstan decreased by more than 2 times, and the mortality rate reduced by 5 times. The reason for such a result, according to experts, in the first place became the increase in the overall standard of living. 


Photo: pluh.nsk.ru