Belgian journalist made a film about EXPO-2017 for the French TV channel TV5Monde

Expo town infrastructure will be useful for Kazakhstan, Belgian journalist, editor-in-chief of Brussels Express, Antonio Buskardini says. He visited Kazakhstan in early June and shot several films about Astana and the international exhibition for the French TV channel TV5Monde. The channel broadcasted four episodes about Kazakhstan and a separate program dedicated to EXPO 2017.


 - New neighborhood was created and most of the facilities are still used today it seems to be very clear that Astana wants to be a hub in Central Asia compared to the neighbors Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and to have a center in Astana where most of the facilities.

Georgians were amazed by Kazakhstan’s expo pavilion. They are also proud that their country took part in the exhibition as well.


 - The first thing that caught my attention was the glass sphere. I felt like I’m in a different dimension, in the city of the future. Then I found out that it was the Kazakh pavilion. I visited the Georgian pavilion. I was pleased to see my country taking part in such huge event. I’m still impressed. I shared my impression with all my friends and relatives.