Experts about EXPO 2017

Astana EXPO 2017 was held at a high level, German architect Kiran Stanley says. He heard a lot about Kazakhstan and paid visit only this year to the international exhibition in the capital of the republic. Kiran was impressed by the organization EXPO 2017 and the unique architecture of the city.



 - I visited almost all expo pavilions. As an architect I want to highlight the uniqueness of the sphere. Kazakhstan’s pavilion "Nur Alem" impresses with its scale and technical capabilities. It is good that it will become a museum after the exhibition. Good idea! I was also impressed by the hospitality and friendliness of the people of Kazakhstan. As for the capital, Astana is a very interesting city, especially if you take into account that recently there was a Steppe that turned into a city in a short period of time. I really liked Baiterek and the poetic story about this structure. I was very impressed by "Khan Shatyr", the idea of ​​a huge tent is an interesting architectural solution.


Israeli EXPO 2017 participant Anna Magina shared her impressions about the international exhibition in Astana. She noted the high level of the organization, the excellent technical equipment of the pavilions and says that the success of the Israeli exposition was largely ensured by the Kazakh side.



 - I was pleasantly surprised. The organization made the exhibition at the highest international level by starting from the architecture and planning the entire project and its territory. By the finish time, they considered details, communications and technical elements that we needed. In general, all representatives noted that in terms of equipment, logistics and organizational issues, everything is done at the highest level and we should praise the organizers and tell them many thanks for it.


Russian journalists believe that EXPO 2017 has become a very popular exhibition outside Kazakhstan. Most of them believe that EXPO-town will be a global center of attraction for a while.



 - I was in Astana 10 years ago and I liked it then. The city was built from scratch. The city is beautiful. It is truly the city of the future, the youngest capital.


American experts consider EXPO 2017 an important and effective international project of Kazakhstan. Analyst from New York Marlen Kruzhkov believes that Astana becomes a place of tourist attraction.



 - Kazakhstan is a cool and young country. It is a great pleasure to visit a country where people do better and more. I think the expo are the right step which is a very successful international project. When I visit Washington and talk with American politicians, I always tell them that you need to be friends with Kazakhstan, because this country is striving for modernization and aspiring for peace. Your country has no enemies. I think that Kazakhstan supports stability in the region.