EXPO 2017: Achievements of Astana

EXPO 2017 promoted Kazakhstan in the global community. The main event of the year has shown hospitality, high technical potential and people's desire for development. This is the opinion of Beijing residents who watched the closing ceremony of the international specialized exhibition in Astana online. Shalkar Sansyzbaiuly is the chief manager of the Central Asian State Pharmaceutical Company in China. He frequently visits Astana. This summer Shalkar visited EXPO 2017. He believes that the presented green technology developments are unique. The grandiose exposition and application of new technologies impacted Astana.



 - The exhibition made a considerable impact on Kazakhstan’s economy, fostered the development of small and medium sized businesses, tourism sphere and other sectors.


Professor at the Institute of Russia, East Europe and Central Asia Zhao Huizong congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on the successful hosting of EXPO 2017. A political scientist highlighted the relevance of the exhibition’s theme which once again attracted the attention of the whole world to issues of conservation of natural resources and development of alternative energy sources. In addition, Zhao Huizong noted that the undoubted advantage is the fact that the Green Technologies Center and investment projects under the UN auspices will open on the basis of the expo.



 - This year's exhibition became not only a platform for the demonstration of Kazakhstan’s potential, but also took an important place in the world of ideas. Kazakhstan is rich in conventional sources of energy, but the country took a bold step and hosted an exhibition called Future Energy. We see great enthusiasm aimed at building a brighter future for humankind.