The international specialized exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 is coming to an end. Its impact on the economy is yet to be estimated. However, it is obvious that the relevant theme of the exhibition, millions of visitors and hundreds of events have made Astana one of the hottest tourist destinations of this summer. The total number of expo visitors from June 10 to September 3 was more than three and a half million people. The number of visits to all exhibition facilities exceeded 29 million.



 - As representatives of the International Exhibitions Bureau say, the number of visitors grew by the end of the exhibition because they wanted to see what they had been missing.  15% of the visitors were foreign citizens, mostly from Russia.


Nur Alem sphere has become one of the most visited pavilions. Nearly one million people visited the pavilion in three months. People are still queuing to see the sphere inside and Nur Alem meets their expectations fully. Each of the eight floors is devoted to a certain theme. On the first floor, visitors can learn about the history, culture, traditions and latest innovative achievements of Kazakhstan. Museum of the Future showcasing the main types of energy, that is space, sun, biomass, wind, water and kinetic energy, is located on the other seven floors. Digital multimedia and interactive technologies have allowed visitors to fully gain an understanding of these areas. The observation deck on the top floor opens a beautiful view of Astana. Nur Alem is the largest spherical building in the world with a diameter of 80 meters and a height of 100 meters. As the exhibition visitors note, the sphere may become the most recognizable building of Astana in the future.



- The exhibition is magnificent. It takes my breath away.

- I came from Germany. This is my first visit to Kazakhstan. I saw a lot of new technologies here.

- Astana EXPO 2017 is very interesting. There are many interesting exhibits. I arrived today and saw just a few pavilions but I will definitely see everything. Kazakhstan’s pavilion is the biggest.


The most visited international expo pavilions were Egyptian, African and Turkish. The latter showcased Turkey’s latest developments in the field of renewable energy. Interesting content and unusual design solutions attracted visitors as well. Turkish pavilion was visited by about 20,000 people daily.



 - Kazakhstan and Turkey are closely connected. People are very much interested in Turkey. Our pavilion is one of the largest, it occupies two floors. You can see a lot while you walk through, in the game hall, you can see the thermal imager, ride a bicycle, take a photo and send it to your e-mail address - it's a great memory about the EXPO.

The most unusual EXPO 2017 pavilion was the Africa Plaza. 21 states presented their vision of the "Future Energy" in one space. The pavilion showcased the largest "green" projects of the African continent and occupied a long corridor. Dance performances and authentic handicraft fairs attracted a large number of visitors.



 - It is a very bright and colorful pavilion. There are lots of people. I have never been to Africa but after visiting this pavilion I felt like I traveled there. I am impressed by the people and the fair and exhibits.


Organizers counted the number of visitors registered through the surveillance cameras. The total number of  EXPO 2017 visitors was calculated by the number of purchased tickets. Astana EXPO 2017 proved that it wasn’t just a global-scale PR project but true evidence that Kazakhstan is an active supporter of transitioning to green energy and innovative future and preserving the beauty of the planet.