EXPO 2017: Malaysian pavilion

EXPO 2017: Malaysian pavilion

Almost half a million people visited the Malaysian pavilion at EXPO 2017. The high interest of guests is due to the country's exoticism and the exposition’s concept which reveals the green growth of the state. Visitors can hear the ocean sounds, a song of birds and can walk through the rainforest. Tropics are a great pride of Malaysia which make up 67% of the country's territory. In total, the pavilion consists of four zones. The first one conveys national progress and shows the independent state’s achievements over the past 60 years. Then the transformation section presents different types of renewable energy. The third part is devoted to a smart city, and the last part demonstrates the Malaysian culture.


- One of the most interesting ideas that we are showing to the people of Kazakhstan will be our rainforest. Malaysia is the most forested emerging market in the world. We believe that it will be a very interesting topic for the people of Kazakhstan. The reason why we use butterfly as our main mess part is because we have 1,200 species of butterfly in Malaysia. And Rajah Brooke is a very rare species. And also according to the MIT professor butterfly effect meaning to say that small impact by small action create a big impact in other country. So, we are here to create green colonization with the people here in Astana. Our renewable mix in Malaysia is at 22.1%. We have hydro, we have biogas, biomass, we also, like I said, our solar will be one of our most impressive sector where Malaysia is in the third largest manufacturing for solar panels in the world.

At this moment our government has very good plans and policy that put in place. So the reason why we come to Astana is also because we wanted to develop better cooperation whether area of energy is concern. So, we are very happy that for the past 10 weeks now we have secured a potential trade of $2.8 million meaning to say that it shows a lot of opportunities in Kazakhstan where business is concern between two countries.

I think that Kazakhstan has done a great job and top of world move in organizing the expo we would like to congratulate for your work well done. For we are also happy to receive 360,000 visitors to our pavilion the expo allowed us to foster good friendship with different countries and at the same time we are able to learn from each other where future energy is concern so I believe that this particular expo has been a very positive impact for all of us including Malaysia I believe for other visitors as well.

The Malaysian pavilion regularly hosts various events for visitors. For example, the organizers launched the 1 Post = 1 Watt campaign which means the country produces one watt of solar energy for every publication on social networks marked with a special hashtag.